Extrusion Spotlight: Windows December 13, 2019

As we break into a new dawn of cutting-edge construction, the tools and materials construction workers use are slowly improving…
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Aluminium Surface Treatments December 2, 2019

What is surface treatment? Surface treatment is a process you would apply to a material’s surface, to ultimately improve it…
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Aluminium’s Role in the Growing EV Charging Market October 14, 2019

ev charging
The environmental dangers of the internal combustion engine have been brought sharply to light, and it is for this reason…
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Extrusion Spotlight: Lighting October 7, 2019

aluminium lighting extrusions
No doubt, the LED extrusions are a valuable asset to the lighting industry. Aluminium extrusions, in particular, have a wide…
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The Uses of Aluminium September 23, 2019

jet with red trail
Aluminium is one the Earth’s most abundant metals, and features in a whole range of everyday items that would normally…
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Why Use Aluminium? September 16, 2019

aluminium porsche
By mass, aluminium makes up roughly 8% of the crust of our planet and is considered to be one of…
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Extrusion – What it is and how it works September 6, 2019

aluminium ductwork
Initially, Joseph Bramah was the first to submit a patent for the extrusion operation in 1797 – Mr Brahman’s patent…
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