Aluminium’s Role in the Growing EV Market October 14, 2019

As the effects of the internal combustion engine upon our environment become clearer, the electric vehicle market continues to grow.…
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Extrusion Spotlight: Lighting October 7, 2019

aluminium lighting extrusions
Aluminium, in particular, extruded aluminium, has a wide variety of material applications in an equally varied list of industries. A…
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The Uses of Aluminium September 23, 2019

Aluminium is one the Earth’s most abundant metals, and features in a whole range of everyday items that would normally…
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Why Use Aluminium? September 16, 2019

By mass, aluminium makes up roughly 8% of the crust of our planet and is considered to be one of…
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Extrusion – What it is and how it works September 6, 2019

The first patent for the process of extrusion was put forward by Joseph Bramah in 1797, in his case for…
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